Which Chapter Are You On?

I was explaining to my daughter the other day about how our lives are similar to chapters in a book.

Sadly, we can’t skip any chapters as that is not how life works.

Every chapter we go through, we will meet new characters who come into your life and you will also have characters who leave your life.

Some chapters of your life story you will enjoy and some will even bring back painful memories, those are the chapters that you will not want to read again.

Other chapters of your life you will never want to end but no matter what chapter you are on, one thing you need to know is, keep going!

The story of your life will keep revolving, so don’t miss out and just live your story.

Never feel guilty for removing characters from your story, it doesn’t matter if they were a relative, partner, employer or friend.

Your story doesn’t need to have characters who cause you pain or make you feel small.

To your success.



Tahar is a bestselling author of “Fail Your Way to Success” and an internationally renowned speaker on leadership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship and productivity. His privately held real estate investment company conducts sales revenues exceeding $1.5 billion a year.

He has challenged and changed the way people think in pursuit of their scaling their business and pursuing their dreams. His business has made him a valuable resource for media seeking commentary and insights on real topics that matter. He urges everyone he speaks with to make success their duty, responsibility, and obligation.

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