“Leaders help people see themselves as better than they are.”

As the CEO of a successful business, you need to ensure that every person in your organization is prepared for success, confident in their abilities to deliver results and ready to embrace the right ideas and concepts.

That starts with you.

If you are ready and able to lead a successful organization, to work hard and to embrace new ideas and methods, your business will succeed.

Tahar will make sure that you are ready. Whether as a consultant, strategist or a coach, he’ll provide you with the skills, tools and mindset needed to succeed.

Drawing upon decades of business acumen, lessons learned from hard-fought successes and even harder failures, Tahar will help you to develop as a leader and as a CEO.


Benefit from the business acumen of a man who’s successfully built a real estate investment business which employs over 1600 sales staff around the world. Drawing upon his experiences, Tahar will help you to approach business growth and employee management in new and innovative ways.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there” - Theodore Roosevelt


By refusing to adopt new ideas, your business is guaranteeing stagnation and failure. Tahar will help you to generate new concepts that will grow and market your business to an ever-growing audience of customers. Once you’ve had the big ideas, you’ll be provided with solid advice to put them into practice.

“Change your thoughts and you change your world”–Norman Vincent Peale


The right tools can make all the difference. From online and social media marketing software, to management tools, Tahar can recommend the right systems to improve company productivity as your business grows and expands. Put Tahar’s experiences and ideas to work growing your business. What you learn from him in an hour will set you up for years of continued success.