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Thought-provoking. Inspiring. Enriching. Tahar Ali is a motivational speaker who’s spoken to the world’s most demanding audiences and provided them with real world strategies to deliver ongoing success.


As well as inspiring leaders and CEOs, Tahar has also built a global property investment company which employs over 1600 sales staff – meaning that his ideas are based on genuine achievements. Achievements that his audiences have learned how to emulate.


Drawing upon a lifetime of hard earned experience, Tahar looks back on his own career to analyze the lessons he’s learned and share them, adding value to people’s lives, encouraging them to move forward instead of constantly looking back, and providing them with solutions to the problems that every single business faces.


Leadership, Motivation and a Real Competitive Advantage


With his accessible, friendly style and honest lessons learned through experience of both failure and success, Tahar Ali is the perfect keynote speaker for any event.


Time spent with Tahar won’t just motivate and inspire, it also provides businesses with a real competitive advantage. Tahar talks about the factors that determine success and failure, analyzes problems that his audience either has or will face, and provides realistic workable strategies that will result in better leadership, a fresh determination to move forward, and a roadmap to ongoing attainment. From the boardroom down, by embracing Tahar’s lessons, businesses will move closer and closer to their goals.

There’s a reason event audiences on both sides of the Atlantic take the lessons from Tahar’s keynote speeches to heart. It’s because the advice those speeches contain give business leaders the motivation they need to ignore the fears and past failures that hold them back so that they can move forward and achieve even greater successes.


Book a Talk by Tahar Ali – Inspiration is a Call Away


Tahar is currently available as a motivational speaker in the USA and beyond. To hear his inspirational stories and learn his genuine real-world strategies, book Tahar Ali today.

My Vision For Your Success

There’s no such thing as success without vision. Your vision will ensure that you get what you want out of life. It will establish your core values, passion and purpose. It will embody your view of the future. And it will provide a roadmap to your future successes.


This short two minute video shows Tahar’s vision for your success, and explains why setting out this vision will be crucial when you look back in years to come.

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