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Staying Humble

One thing my father taught me was to always remain humble.   Today, I have never forgotten where I came from and the struggle I faced regardless of the success I have achieved today.   Most of you who have read my book will know that in my 20’s I was quite arrogant and selfish. … Continue reading Staying Humble

Stop Blending In

Staying true to yourself is critical to your success. The reason why many fail is they can’t grasp this simple concept. How can you stay true to others if you can’t even manage to stay true to yourself?   My father used to say there are only two types of people in this world, Good … Continue reading Stop Blending In

Mind your head

Unless you’re about to walk into something, I do not mean this in the ordinary literal sense. If you are, then please, do mind your head and I sincerely hope you don’t get hurt.   What I am getting at however, is your mental wellbeing and mindfulness. Around the world, mental health is becoming a … Continue reading Mind your head

Wealth isn’t success but success is wealth

This is an extremely important subject I feel, whenever you read about successes, whenever you hear stories about successful people they focus on how much money a person made, how they managed to grow from pay-cheque to pay-cheque to being completely self-sufficient and while yes this is successful in monetary terms, it doesn’t value against … Continue reading Wealth isn’t success but success is wealth


Learn the wisdom of compromise, for it is better to bend a little than to break – Jane Wells   The art of compromise doesn’t often get associated much with success, mainly people suggest you go full steam ahead and don’t give up, to the extent of the latter, I agree. You shouldn’t give up, … Continue reading Compromise


No, this isn’t a blog about the universe, or astro-physics, despite its interesting topics for discussion, instead I am talking about another important kind of space; the space around you, the space inside you, the space you live in, the space you work in and the space between you and others.   Space in these … Continue reading Space


Content, pleasure, satisfaction, joy, well-being, success… There are many different adjectives for it, but what can happiness bring? And where is it found? How is happiness achieved?   Most people seem to think that happiness is bought, or happiness is only found when you have everything – ever wonder why you seem to have happy … Continue reading Happiness

The Mentor

The coach, the motivator, the guidance tutor, the trusty steed, the confidant, the confidence booster – what is the value of having a mentor? There are many, but what could be the motivator for you to have one?   Well you may have come across me due to trying to find something to help boost … Continue reading The Mentor

Going ALL in

How many people do you know that have failed and given up?   How many of those people are happy? How many of those people took a risk after that?   Are they successful? I’m willing to bet the answer is they’re not successful; they complain about life and don’t take any risks anymore because … Continue reading Going ALL in

What is Success?

The dictionary defines that success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.   What is your aim? What is your purpose?   Many people say – I want to be successful, I want to succeed, but many of them don’t know what they want to succeed at.   They want to have an easier … Continue reading What is Success?

Positive Thoughts

The power of a positive attitude leads to success in many ways.   Taking a simple word such as trying and turning it into ‘I will’ for yourself means that you won’t be just ‘trying’ and inherently setting yourself up for failure, it means that you know you will achieve that goal.   When we … Continue reading Positive Thoughts

Self Approval

What would your life be like, if you decided not to care about what people thought of you?   It’s a good question and many people get stuck on this purely because they are too worried about the opinion of others.   I read a quote once that said “I used to care about other … Continue reading Self Approval

Program Your Mind

Your mind is like a computer, how you program it determines practically everything.   Occasionally if things are not working out well for us, the likelihood is that we have a virus contaminating it.   That virus can be people around you filling your head with their whining and negative outlooks on life. If you … Continue reading Program Your Mind

Your Struggles

At any given stage of our lives we will all go through a struggle, during these dark times we become despondent and negative with our thoughts.   We worry about our bills, debt, health and everything as a result makes us feel ill.   Everything you think about you bring about, no matter what you … Continue reading Your Struggles