What is Success?

The dictionary defines that success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

What is your aim? What is your purpose?

Many people say – I want to be successful, I want to succeed, but many of them don’t know what they want to succeed at.

They want to have an easier life, they want to push past everyone and get to the top.

The majority of these people a) don’t know what they want to succeed at and b) don’t have the motivation to push through or give up when it gets too difficult.

They want everything handed to them.

Success doesn’t work like that.

Think about what you want, envision what you want to succeed at and then work for it.

Success doesn’t come easy and the universe will not give you it without you showing you are worthy of it.

The universe will laugh at poor and half energised attempts.

No matter how long it takes, whatever success you are seeking, it is also seeking you, it is just waiting to see if you want it badly enough as you want to breathe.

You will earn your success by not giving up.

Your accomplishment and purpose is there; you just have to push for it.

To your success…



Tahar Ali comes from humble beginnings to owning a highly successful real estate investment company conducting over $1billion in sales every year.

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