The Mentor

The coach, the motivator, the guidance tutor, the trusty steed, the confidant, the confidence booster – what is the value of having a mentor? There are many, but what could be the motivator for you to have one?

Well you may have come across me due to trying to find something to help boost your business, maybe trying to give you a better idea of what you may need to reignite the fire that made you start in the first place. Someone who can analyse and work for you, speak to those who work for you, boost their morale, teach them and yourself the best way to work ahead of the game.

The job of a speaker is to inspire and motivate, to uplift and they of course, should come from a background of being able to teach you the tools you need to deal with your cause. I speak across the globe and a lot of people ask me why I choose to do what I do.

What does it mean for me to be a speaker? – I want to add value to people’s lives, I want to encourage people to take a step forward instead of repeating the same problems and work with them to find a solution, show them an alternative to what their life and their business can be.

Many people look to me for inspiration, strategies for business success, how to scale a company and what can make them a better leader. What I bring is a fresh pair of eyes to a situation and point out where they can improve and how they can build their company to be successful even when all they see is failure. I’ve been there, I’ve persevered, which is why I can now talk to hundreds of thousands of people and people know why I’m there and who I am.

It doesn’t take a lot to move past but many people can’t see a way forward, instead they focus on what’s holding them back, instead of the opportunities they do have. The way a lot of people tend to work until they find someone, like myself to show them a different path.

All it takes is the right person, who knows what they’re talking about and the fresh pair of eyes to move on from where they are. You might be failing, but what you may need to get out of that is the motivator and fresh eyes and experience to show you how that failure becomes your greatest legacy.

The motivator, the mentor, the person who’s behind you every step of the way to support you – don’t we all need someone to give us that shove.

To your success.



Tahar is a bestselling author of “Fail Your Way to Success” and an internationally renowned speaker on leadership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship and productivity. His privately held real estate investment company conducts sales revenues exceeding $1.5 billion a year.

He has challenged and changed the way people think in pursuit of their scaling their business and pursuing their dreams. His business has made him a valuable resource for media seeking commentary and insights on real topics that matter. He urges everyone he speaks with to make success their duty, responsibility, and obligation.

Tahar resides in Los Angeles California and London United Kingdom. To book Tahar for your business, event or conference please Call (USA) +1 323-522-4879 or (UK) +44 207 692 7031