Content, pleasure, satisfaction, joy, well-being, success… There are many different adjectives for it, but what can happiness bring? And where is it found? How is happiness achieved?

Most people seem to think that happiness is bought, or happiness is only found when you have everything – ever wonder why you seem to have happy memories?

Happiness is found in making those memories, it’s the journey that gets us happiness, it’s the journey that finds us the success in happiness.

Reflection is a good practice to have, you remember what makes you happy, you appreciate the times where you felt at peace and knew you were doing the right thing.

Take time to be happy, take time to work on your happiness.

Success, no matter how big or small is the key, knowing how to appreciate is the reward of happiness.

Be in ultimate contentment as you’re striving to be the best, take pleasure in knowing you are the best, have joy in knowing that your failures are building your successes, ravish the satisfaction of knowing the success of the 1% is going to be yours.

Take care of your happiness, nurture yourself in everything positive to reach and carry on your success.

To your success…



Tahar Ali comes from humble beginnings to owning a highly successful real estate investment company conducting over $1billion in sales every year.

Tahar is also a prominent inspirational motivational professional business speaker and consultant who has challenged and changed the way people think in pursuit of their dreams.

He is the author of the #1 bestselling book, “Fail Your Way to Success” and CEO of Clear Investment and Tahar Ali Ltd.

His passion is working with others live the life of their dreams and has transformed lives with his inspirational talks all over the United States of America and the globe. To book Tahar for your event or conference please Call (USA) +1 323-522-4879 or (UK) +44 207 692 7031.