Learn the wisdom of compromise, for it is better to bend a little than to break – Jane Wells

The art of compromise doesn’t often get associated much with success, mainly people suggest you go full steam ahead and don’t give up, to the extent of the latter, I agree. You shouldn’t give up, but you should also not keep pouring energy and resources into something that you can see isn’t working.

The fine line between succeeding and complete demise is one based on your ability to compromise.

You indeed learn from your failures and the lessons learned in those failures is a wealthy experience but within those failures you need to know that willing to compromise is another effort you learn from.

Agreeing for the greater good, or pushing past the disagreement you had could be the best move you make, it certainly works when it’s making better for the home life agreements or the workplace.

Compromising with yourself is an even greater feat to overcome, but when it comes to the decision on where to invest your money and/or your time, you have to ask yourself, will this help myself grow as a person, or be happier, or will this help me reach my goals in a better way or help me get closer to succeeding.

Knowing that you’re working towards the greater good by compromising on the little things means that you have a more harmonious time with those around you, therefore making it better for you all to work better together, or knowing in yourself that you made the right choice for the future for yourself and your own goals.

Compromise on the unimportant things, but don’t compromise on your success, just know that you will reach your successes through the failures, you will learn more than you ever thought and succeed even better than you first thought.

To your success.



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