Identifying yourself.

Many people spend an enormous amount of time comparing themselves to others, comparing their looks, cars, jobs, houses, experiences. Remember that this is a filtered life, people only let you see what they want you to notice about them. Identity is a big thing when we’re adolescents, we pass the parental influence stage and start being influenced by media and peers and societal stereotypes and pressures and afterwards we’re then young adults, but how many of us still compare ourselves against others?

Apparently, it isn’t until we hit middle age, around our forties and fifties, that we start accepting who we are and be our own selves but we’re still too busy at that point and then when we hit our elderly years and we don’t care what others think but by then nobody takes notice.

Why are we wasting time and energy on inconceivable comparisons and things that aren’t important? How is that helping any of us succeed?

How do you make yourself stand out to those you want to make an impression with? How do you make sure you’re memorable and the person people want to be in business with?

Well adopting some traits of others is useful, such as interview skills, motivational tips but don’t take on a whole new persona because you think they’re doing well, because like I said, they only show a certain shade of themselves so don’t lose yourself to the thought-loop of that’s better than yourself.

It’s difficult, depressing and tiring work keeping a façade up that you’re someone you’re not. If you are true to yourself, truly using your own identity to get far in life, its noticeable!

People who are worth it respect you for you, they don’t want some alternate version. Being the person you would want your daughter or son to marry is a better portrayal and level for you to set yourself, being the person you would want to spend the rest of your life with is better than seeking out approval and self-identity in finding someone else to complete you and it works far better – for your mental, relationship and success health.

Being comfortable in yourself screams independence and certification and a guaranteed better conversation than someone who is part of the herd. Be the wolf that’s kind but cautious, be the leader that is willing to help those in need and use their power to inspire more to follow, be the best version of yourself, it’s of far more worth for yourself and others than to be the sheep following a path that isn’t yours.

Your own identity is worth more to the world that being another shade of beige that nobody will take notice of. What you give the world in yourself, the world notices and you are rewarded.

To being unique, assertive and successful!



Tahar is a prominent inspirational motivational professional speaker, consultant and coach focused on your Sales, Leadership and Productivity. He has challenged and changed the way people think in pursuit of their scaling their business.

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