Fail and you shall succeed

“A man’s errors are his portals of discovery.” ~James Joyce

It’s a scientific fact that you only stop when your heart stops beating. Look it up, I’m maybe being a bit facetious, but it’s true. Your brain is constantly working, your body is ever pumping blood and oxygen around your body and hopefully, your nervous system is in full working order and you are constantly feeling something.

So, when our bodies aren’t giving up on us, why is it whenever the majority of people make a massive failure of something, they break? They give up, they lose track of where they are and they think that that’s it? So many, in fact, too many people let failures stop them from succeeding, yet I’ve managed to make a successful life and write a whole book about it.

Every big successful name you know has failed, probably more than once and they’ll have been big failures. If you can’t think of any, they will fail at one point, and if they have the right attitude, they’ll come back bigger, better and stronger.

Embracing failures is your key to a happier and more successful life. Messed up the pancakes? Make them again. Got into crippling debt? Work your way out of it. It’s all about mindset and how much you learn from the failures that makes you even more successful.

So many big name brands go into administration, but the people behind them carry on with something new afterwards and again, succeed. So many people who have divorces and end up with broken families, go on to find love again and manage their new family lives.

People don’t just stop, even you yourself, have overcame failures. I don’t imagine you walked the first time you attempted it, maybe you did, but did you toilet train as soon as you were sat on a toilet and that was you for life, could you hold a conversation from the very first gurgle as a baby? Did you get straight A’s in school but didn’t get into the university you wanted? Or get the job you wanted as a new graduate?

99.9% of people don’t and that’s great! These failures set you up for a wonderful creative and problem solving mindset to work around these. After all, if we were all rewarded success after success, would it even be success?

You have to know what it feels like to fail, to appreciate success when it happens. You have to hit rock bottom to get further ahead sometimes and to be honest, this makes you a more experienced, creative and well-rounded person because you know what it’s like to be at the bottom and you know how to appreciate the fruits of success.

To your success…



Tahar is a prominent inspirational motivational professional speaker, consultant and coach focused on your Sales, Leadership and Productivity. He has challenged and changed the way people think in pursuit of their scaling their business.

Tahar comes from humble beginnings to owning a highly successful real estate investment company conducting over $1billion in sales every year.

He is the author of, “Fail Your Way to Success” and CEO of Clear Investment and Tahar Ali Ltd.

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